WKMA Memberships

(Click here for member listing)

(Click here for member listing)

…shall be any person, firm, company or corporation engaged in the process or operation of making wares or any material products, having a plant or factory located in the 50 counties of Western Kansas, and shall be entitled to one vote at any organizational meeting.

…shall be those persons or firms not actively engaged in manufacturing (in Western Kansas), but who are interested in the further development of manufacturing (in this area).

They shall be eligible for all activities of the organization with the exception of the power to vote and hold elective office.

Annual Dues: $100

Annual Dues: $25

Active Membership Form

Associate Membership Form

June is membership renewal month for WKMA. Renewing members will receive the year sticker to update their membership plaque. Active members must have their dues paid to receive their discount on exhibit space for the upcoming 3i SHOW.  If you haven’t renewed, take time to do it today!