The Western Kansas Manufacturers Association is an organization of progressive manufacturers who have banded together to promote, advance, and make known what is happening in the field of manufacturing in Western Kansas.  By working within their own realm of manufacturing, they strive to introduce and implement new advances into the ever-changing field of agricultural technology.

WKMA members also work along civic lines by introducing young people to Western Kansas manufacturing and giving various scholastic aids to aspiring young people who find this progressive and exciting line of work challenging.  In view of the shortline manufacturers, there is no limit to what can be done in finding new and better methods of achieving technological excellence.  New, Innovative ideas are the rule, not the exception of the members of the WKMA.

WKMA is a member of the North American Farm Show Council.  This organization is comprised of the top 30 farm shows in North America and New Zealand, with a goal of promoting and developing its member shows.